Saturday, February 25

My Life 'Til Now

Basically, I have quite a few kids. Boruch Hashem, I live in amazing community and I love my neighbours. What more could a girl want? Well, I'll tell you. I want to make a dent in the Shidduch crisis. It's not easy and it's taken over my life.

But people won't let me just be and do what I want to do. I would like for people to stop and think before they ask favours of me. everything in my life seems to be on everyone elses terms. I have this one person in my world who does things for me when it suits her, when I don't even need it and then she demands that I do something for her when she wants it. I use the term 'demand', because if someone requests something from you and refuses to accept a 'no'; that becomes a demand.

Now, here's the problem- I can do stuff that hardly anyone else can do. Brocha? yes. Nissyon? yes. There are so many people asking, but there's just one of me and even if I say yes once every twenty times, I still feel guilty about the nineteen that I turned away and that one request that I agreed to can literally consume me. Particularly when it involves speech writing and gramen. (There I did it, you probably all know who I am now! )

Just because I volunteer my time to a shidduch orginization doesn't mean that I'm not working! I have to put aside time for my kids and long suffering husband, which I really do try to do. Would people ask someone for all kinds of favours if they had 'a proper job'. I don't think so.

The Novice

Yes, you guessed it, I'm new at this. I have so many opinions that I hide under my blonde sheitel that not many people know about. It's funny, but I actually don't know where to start; any ideas?

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